Formed in 2012, Clout Theatre met and trained at Lecoq in Paris. They made their first show rehearsing in Paris squats and this grimey aesthetic has formed the foundations of all their work. Although their performance style contains strong influences from their training, they have carved out their own theatrical language and now make work heavily reliant on the visual, grotesque and strange. 

With members from Russia, France and Turkey, they strive to make physically bold theatre for an international audience. Using absurd humour and visual poetry, their work deals with the sublime and the ridiculous in equal measure. Their approach is atmosphere-based and seeks a coherence between visual elements, acting style and non-traditional narrative.

The core members of Clout Theatre are Sacha Plaige and Mine Cerci.

They have performed in China, France, Germany, Turkey and Russia and are now based in London.

Nominated Total Theatre Award 2012 & 2013, Darkchat Award 2015
Winners  Audience Award Physical Fest 2012, OneStop Arts Audience Award 2013


  • Sacha Plaige

    Sacha Plaige

    Sacha has a background in Russian psychological theatre which complements her physical and dance training. She has a passion for physical prowess whilst seeking a poetic theatricality on stage and is particularly fond of clown. She brings a Russian sense of discipline and eye for detail to creation, much to the dismay of her messy comrades.
    A talented figure skater, Sacha was on the French national team and trained professionally in Moscow before enrolling in the All Russian State University of Cinematography. She participated in different theatre projects with The Meyerhold Centre and Theatre Pushkin alongside several TV and movie projects when she decided to return to Paris to study physical theatre.  She was recently selected to take part in a documentary on Peter Brook for the channel ARTE alongside Jos Houben, Marcello Magni and Yoshi Oida. She is a graduate of Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and a founding member of Clout. www.sachaplaige.book.fr

  • Mine Çerçi

    Mine Çerçi

    Mine has a blacker than black sense of humour, loves extreme and heightened theatrical worlds. Since a childhood dream of crashing into the sea in a car with her family and deciding to live there as fish, she has been intensely interested in portrayals of the family on stage. She is a versatile director and an indefatigable worker. She has been known to direct for 12 hours straight without so much as a break for a banana, much to the displeasure of her lazy actors.

    Mine studied dance as a child in Istanbul instilling an early interest in movement and performance. She went on to study Political Sciences at the Galatasaray University and then Theatre Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris. Past productions include Not I and Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett with Pierre Chabert directed by Barbara Hutt as part of the Paris Beckett Festival and End Game in Turkish at Theatre Bouffes du Nord. She recently worked with Jean Claude Cotillard at the İstanbul Municipal Theatre. After taking the two year acting course at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, she joined Clout as a performer and director. She is a longterm collaborator with Clockfire Theatre, an Australian physical theatre ensemble. Mine has recently translated the first ever Turkish edition of Le Corps Poetique by Jacques Lecoq.

  • Artistic Collaborators

    Artistic Collaborators

    George Ramsay [actor & co-artistic director] 

    Jennifer Swingler[actor & co-artistic director] 

    Benjamin Teare [actor & CO-artistic director] 
    Daniel Wilcox [actor & co-artistic director]

    Helen Goodman [Producer]

    Chris Duncan [composer] website
    Clara Ridomi [photographer]
    Richard Davenport [photographer] website
    Ergo Phizmiz [video designer] website
    Steven Martin [sound designer]
    Carolina Vargas [graphic designer] website
    Miena Mizusaki [lighting designer]
    Joe Lang and Charlotte Wright [photography, website build and graphic design] website